Ashford East Ward

Alex Sapunovas won the by election to represent Ashford East Ward on 4 May 2017 with a 567 majority. 

Alex Sapunovas

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The Conservative Councillors for the Ashford East Ward are:

Tony Mitchell: for more information about Tony  click here

Rose Chandler: for more information about Rose  click here

Alex Sapunovasfor more information about Alex : click here

Ward surgeries

Coming soon

Working for the local community

Supporting disabled children:

Councillor Rose Chandler visited a little girl called Celeese. She is nearly 5 and has agenesis of the corpus callosum which is a congenital and lifelong brain abnormality with severe global development delay, she has associated and severe learning and communication difficulties. She is non verbal Celeese gross motor skills are significantly delayed, and at present can't walk, but despite all of the above Celeese is the most happiest child RoseI knew...even smiling after her surgery on her ear.

"It was lovely to visit her and to see her smile when I gave her a small gift."

Rose visiting Celeese

Councillor's Open Meeting

Cllr Tony Mitchell has arranged an Open Meeting on 16th Septemeber 2015 to hear the views od the public and local businesses as to their wish-list.

The meeting will be held in St Matthews Church, Ashford (in the church and not in the chuch hall). The meeting will start at 6:30pm.


See the attached files below for more information about their activities.


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Rose Chandler

Spelthorne Borough Councillor for the  Ashford East WardRose Chandler has lived in Surrey for 14 years and in Ashford since 2007. Married to Mike, she has two married daughters and a son. As a resident of Wrens Avenue she has first-hand experience of the local traffic problems and other local issues. 

Alex Sapunovas

Aleksejus (Alex) Sapunovas

Alex won the by election for the Ashford East ward of Spelthorne Borough Council on 4 May 2017 with a 567 majority

Alex is a proud local resident, having lived in a borough of Spelthorne since 2001.