Ashford Division


Naz Islam was elected as your Surrey County Councillor for the Ashford Division with a 1134 majority in the 4 May 2017 election.

An Ashford man for Ashford

Brooklands college

As a local Ashford Cllr. Naz opposed the Brooklands development

"I was totally against the development - it would have changed Ashford's character, affected parking and increased traffic"

Naz at Ashford Station

As a local Ashford Cllr Naz wants better transport

"I will fight for zone 6 to include Spelthorne, to see improvements to our highways and will continue to oppose cuts in buses"

Naz and Clock House Lane Park

Naz will protect our Green Belt

"I supports Clockhouse Lane Park and will fight to protect our Green Belt and will oppose over development"


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Naz Islam

Spelthorne Borough Councillor for the Ashford Town ward
Surrey County Councillor for the Ashford division

Naz Islam, a local Ashford family man with 4 children. Naz moved into Spelthorne in 1996 soon after leaving college.