Ashford North and Stanwell South Ward

The Conservative Candidates for the Ashford North and Stanwell South Ward in the May 2019 local election are:

Amar Brar has lived in Stanwell for 39 years now. She been married for nearly 50 years and has 3 grown up children...Read more

Satvinder Buttar: I am residing in Ashford since 1997 with my wife and four daughters. I graduated from Teesside University as a Chemical Engineer and since I have worked for Private, Public and Voluntary sector....Read more

Joanne Sexton: I have lived in Spelthorne since 1968 and I have seen this borough transform, I attended The Laurels School in Clarendon Road Ashford where my children also attended, they then moved to Senior School in the borough and still reside here. ...Read more



See the attached files below for more information about their activities.


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