Ashford North and Stanwell South Ward

The Conservative Councillors for the Ashford North and Stanwell South Ward are:

Amar Brar has lived in Stanwell for 39 years now. She been married for nearly 50 years and has 3 grown up children...Read more

Satvinder Buttar: I am residing in Ashford since 1997 with my wife and four daughters. I graduated from Teesside University as a Chemical Engineer and since I have worked for Private, Public and Voluntary sector....Read more

Joanne Sexton: I have lived in Spelthorne since 1968 and I have seen this borough transform, I attended The Laurels School in Clarendon Road Ashford where my children also attended, they then moved to Senior School in the borough and still reside here. ...Read more

All 3 were elected in the 2 May 2019 local election.


See the attached files below for more information about their activities.


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