Recent changes

This section is to help you find recent changes to pages in this website

22/5/2019 - fixed link to Aldershot Conservatives in YC Conference Event.
                 - changed Jim McIlroy's head and shoulders picture.TC

21/5/2019 - Added a YC Conference to Events. TC

19/5/2019 - updated MEP page with the latest leaflet. TC

17/5/2019 - updated the Election 2019 and Our MEP pages for the European election
                 - updated councillor email addresses where they have been assigned by SBC
                 - cleaned up the home page TC

4/5/2019 - ward page and People pages updated to reflect the results of the local election. TC

3/5/2019 - local election results to date at 18:30 on Election 2019 webpage TC

23/4/2019 - add an election InTouch to SE page. TC

17/4/2019 - updated Richard Smith's biog. TC

16/4/2019 - added an election InTouch to the HSW page. TC

11/4/2019 - added the Manifesto doc to all ward pages and Election 2019 page. TC

10/4/2019 - added Shepperton Town candidate biogs leaflet to ward page.
                 - corrected Sabine Lohmann's email address. TC

6/4/2019 - added picture to Vivienne Leighton's Person page. TC

4/4/2019 - added Jim McIlroy as a candidate and tweeked the Home page. TC

3/4/2019 - added a group picture of the local election candidates to the front page and the Election 2019 page. TC