Recent changes

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12/11/2017 - Added a News item re building demolished for planning breach

26/10/2017 - Added a News item re Shepperton named most UK's most courteous town

15/10/2017 - Added a News item re Spelthorne Sports Awards

27/9/2017 - Added a News item re Spelthorne Junior Citizens

24/9/2017 - Added 2 News items re anti-social behaviour and the purchase of Benwell House

18/9/2017 - Added a News item about Spelthorne purchasing a Heathrow property.  Added the Chairman's Award Dinner to events.

17/9/2017 - Added a News item about Spelthorne unemployment

29/8/2017 - Added 2 News items re Spelthorne new Chief Executive and purchase of a Stockley Park property

19/8/2017 - Added a News Item about Spelthorne buying a property in Stockley Park

17/8/2017 - Updated Tony Harman's person page, removed photo of Denise Saliagopolos from the Riverside & Laleham page. Added a News item re a job for the Mayor's cadet

15/8/2017 - Added a News item re proposed changes for recycling centres (i.e. ECO Park)

10/8/2017 - Added a News item re sniffer dogs

1/8/2017 - Added a News Item re flytipping

29/7/2017 - Added a Lunch event

28/7/2017 - Added a News item re Kwasi's visit to Dnata a local company

21/7/2017 - Added a News item re Sunbury Walled Garden

7/7/2017 - Added a Cream Tea event 

30/6/2017 - Added a News items re street  lighting and the Mayor's River Day

28/6/2017 - Added a News article re Kwasi being appointed PPS to the Chancellor

24/6/2017 - Added a News update on street lighting and Surrey Recycling Centres Survey

22/6/2017 - Added a News item by Theresa May about the Queen's Speech

17/6/2017 - Added News item on Spelthorne goes electric

14/6/2017 - Added News item on new waste collections scheme

10/6/2017 - Added News item on Kwasi's re-election. Changed references to Kwasi as a candidate to him as an MP

9/6/2017 - Added News item re Kwasi's re-election

24/5/2017 - Added a Hustings News item. Added News item re Vivienne Leighton as the new Mayor

18/5/2017 - Added the Conservative Manifesto as a News item

5/5/2017 - updated various pages to reflect the 4 May election results

2/5/2017 - updated various pages about Kwasi to reflect he is now a Parliamentary Candidate.