Recent changes

This section is to help you find recent changes to pages in this website

24/5/2017 - Added a Hustings News item. Added News item re Vivienne Leighton as the new Mayor

18/5/2017 - Added the Conservative Manifesto as a News item

5/5/2017 - updated various pages to reflect the 4 May election results

2/5/2017 - updated various pages about Kwasi to reflect he is now a Parliamentary Candidate.

26/4/2017 - replaced Denise's calling card

22/4/2017 - added News item re Nicola Sturgeon's Progressive Coalition

11/4/2017 - created a Person page for Alex Sapunovas. Added election material to ward/division pages

5/4/2017 - added Press release re street lighting to News

29/3/2017 - added 2 News items re Our Plan for Britain and "Lets make a success of Brexit"

25/3/2017 - added an Easter Tea as an event

22/3/2017 - corrected the date Middx CC was abolished on the About Spelthorne page

18/3/2017 - added a news item - a msg from Theresa May.  Added Manifesto docs to all Surrey CC division pages

14/3/2017 - removed Spelthorne BC logo from the news item about politically motivated violence at Ian Harvey's request

9/3/2017 - added 2 news items re Stanwell Residents' meeting and a post budget message

2/3/2017 - added news item about political motivated violence in Spelthorne

28/7/2017 - updated Staines S and Ashford W for DTS and Laleham and Shepperton for RW re-elections. Re vamped the Election page

27/2/2017 - updated the County Council pages with new candidate info

24/2/2017 - removed Jo Sexton,, Denise Saliagopoulos and Kevin Flurry from the website

11/2/2017 - updated Naz Islam's profile

2/2/2017 - added a media report about Staines Fire Station to News. ECO Park moved to be an 'old' campaign. A new webpage called Newsletters add.

1/2/2017 - added a Press Release re Staines Fire Station to News

31/1/2017 - added a media report about Kwasi and Kempton park to News. Activated Kempton Park, Heathrow and Flood as Campaigns. 

27/1/2017 - Fleshed out 2 new campaigns re Fire Station and Kempton Park - still work in progress

26/1/2017 - added an open letter to residents re Fire Stations. Exploring using Campaigns as a website option. Removed the open letter about Kempton park and replace with a participation survey.

25/1/2017 - corrected the ticket price for the CPF suppers. Added a public meeting re Staines Fire Station to New and Events

18/1/2017 - added a Brexit msg from Theresa May to News

16/1/2017 - removed Conservative Future from the Join Us page

14/1/2017 - added a Racing Post report about Kempton Park and Campaign HQ msg to News

13/1/2017 - replaced the 2016 membership form with the 2017 version on the Join Us page

12/1/2017 - added an open letter re Kempton Park and 2 CPF events

10/1/2017 - added the Shepperton and Laleham Branch Dinner as a new event

2/1/2017 - added a New Year message from Theresa May. Changed Sabine Lohmann's name to Sabine Capes

22/12/2016 - added News items on Ian Harvey's and the Mayor's Christmas messages, Meals on Wheels, Spelthorne Rent Assure and a Parliament debate competition.

8/12/2016  - updated Albert Friday's Mayoral engagements

2/12/2016 - corrected broken link to Kwasi's website on the Useful Links page

27/11/2016 - updated Albert Friday's Mayoral engagements

14/11/2016 - Added News item re Kwasi on BBC 1 Question Time

29/10/2016 - Added News items re Heathrow 3rd runway and Spelthorne new buses and updated Alfred Friday's phone no. 

7/10/2016 - added a letter to Surrey Advertiser re BP site

6/10/2016 - added article by Kwasi on the Conference

5/10/2016 - added msg from Theresa May as a News item

1/10/2016 - added latest Spelthorne Council news

26/8/2016 - added latest InTouch to Sunbury & Halliford pages

25/8/2016 - updated Tony Harman's Person page