Recent changes

This section is to help you find recent changes to pages in this website

23/4/2019 - add an election InTouch to SE page. TC

17/4/2019 - updated Richard Smith's biog. TC

16/4/2019 - added an election InTouch to the HSW page. TC

11/4/2019 - added the Manifesto doc to all ward pages and Election 2019 page. TC

10/4/2019 - added Shepperton Town candidate biogs leaflet to ward page.
                 - corrected Sabine Lohmann's email address. TC

6/4/2019 - added picture to Vivienne Leighton's Person page. TC

4/4/2019 - added Jim McIlroy as a candidate and tweeked the Home page. TC

3/4/2019 - added a group picture of the local election candidates to the front page and the Election 2019 page. TC

24/3/2019 - Added Graeme Reid as Chairman, Alfred Friday as Vice President and unpublished John Kavanagh who has moved away from Spelthorne.TC

21/3/2019 - added some Spring 2019 InTouches to ward pages.TC

19/3/2019 - updated Robin Sider's biog. TC

18/3/2019 - updated Vivienne Leighton's biog.
                 - added a group photo to Staines Town page TC

17/3/2019 - changed Joanne Sexton's photo. TC

15/3/2019 - added biog for Joanne Sexton and update Katie Barratt's phone no.
                 - added AT InTouch. TC

14/3/2019 - Modified Naz Islam's name designation (removed Nural). TC

13/3/2019 - added Niki Molnar's biog. TC

12/3/2019 - added Niki Molnar's photo. TC

11/3/2019 - updated Katie Barratt's mobile no. TC

9/3/2019 - reclassified existing borough councillors as candidates (if standing).
                 removed all SBC councillor email addresses.
                 added Niki Molnar as a candidate for Sunbury Common.

5/3/2019 - updated biogs for Ian and Helen Harvey. TC

4/3/2019 - corrected the spelling of Buddhi Weerasinghe's name.
                  Updated Katie Barratt's email

2/3/2019 - corrected Michele Gibson's contact details.
                 Updated Halliford and Sunbury West biogs and pictures