Borough Councillors

Maureen Attewell

Splethorne Borough Councillor for the  Laleham and Shepperton Green Ward

Colin Barnard

Colin fell in love with Shepperton having cruised the Thames on many occasions with his wife Barbara and their family. Such was his love for the area that, having built up his own successful bakery, when he passed the business to his sons Colin settled in Shepperton nearly 14 years ago.

Richard Barratt

Spelthorne Borough Councillor for the  Stanwell North WardRichard has lived and worked locally all his life.  A 53 year old family man with three sons, Richard works at Heathrow as a Maintenance Manager and has considerable experience working in the engineering and service industries. 

John Boughtflower

John is the the Conservative Candidate in the 5th May 2016 by election for a seat for the Ashford North and Stanwell South ward of Spelthorne Borough CouncilJohn won the seat on 5/5/2016 with 658 votes.  Labour came second with 487 votes

Sabine Capes

Spelthorne Borough Councillor for the  Staines South Ward

Rose Chandler

Spelthorne Borough Councillor for the  Ashford East WardRose Chandler has lived in Surrey for 14 years and in Ashford since 2007. Married to Mike, she has two married daughters and a son. As a resident of Wrens Avenue she has first-hand experience of the local traffic problems and other local issues. 

Tim Evans

Spelthorne Borough Councillor for the >Halliford and Sunbury West Ward

Surrey County Councillor  for the Sunbury and Halliford Division

Tim was re-elected in the 4th May 2017 election for Surrey County Council with a 734 majority.

Mark Francis

Spelthorne Borough Councillor for the  Staines WardElected as Mayor of Spelthorne 21st May 2015

Alfred Friday

Spelthorne Borough Councillor for the  Sunbury East WardElected as Mayor of Spelthorne 19th May 2016 for a year

Nick Gething

Spelthorne Borough Councillor for in the  Ashford Town WardNick is a property lawyer working in Surrey. He is married with three children, two of which are still in schools in the borough.