Kwasi Kwarteng holds Spelthorne seat for Conservatives

Kwasi Kwarteng has held the Spelthorne seat for the Conservative Party.

The Spelthorne MP retains the seat he has held since 2010, receiving 28,692 votes which was a 57.3% of the electorate.

The results were announced at 4am on (Friday June 9) following a difficult night for the Conservatives across the UK.

Labour candidate Rebecca Geach, who briefly attended the count before returning home, came second with 15,297 votes and Rosie Shimell of the Liberal Democrats finished in third place with 2,755 votes.

It was a disappointing result for UKIP, who had finished second in 2015 but saw 10,234 votes drop to 2,296.

Mr Kwarteng said: "I am delighted to be re-elected once again as a Member of Parliament for Spelthorne.

"It is a great honour and great privilege to serve this remarkable borough and I am delighted that for the first time in my career I managed to get over 50% of the vote so I think that was a great success.

"I think that there have been surprising results across the piece.

"We have done very well in Scotland and we did less well in London but it is a very confused picture this evening.

"I suspect that we will be the largest party and will be called upon to form a government and I fully hope that we will be able to discharge that duty.

Mr Kwarteng also discussed his view on the campaign focus on Brexit: "I think that people are getting very excited about the Brexit negotiations and I don't see why they should change as I am very confident that we will be able to get a reasonable deal.

"We should have an amicable and civil Brexit."


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