MP Kwasi Kwarteng opposed to 'aggressive plan' to develop Kempton Park Racecourse

Spelthorne MP Kwasi Kwarteng confirmed his opposition to the ‘aggressive plan’ to develop Kempton Park Racecourse as a housing complex, following the Jockey Club’s announcement earlier this month.

The club controversially proposes selling the Sunbury site to make way for up to 3,000 new homes for Spelthorne while raising a £500 million investment in other racing facilities across the country.

The idea, submitted to Spelthorne Borough Council as a way of providing new dwellings for the area ahead of the authority’s Local Plan, has been met with shock and anger among the racing and local community.

“It’s very unfortunate about Kempton Park,” Mr Kwarteng said, adding he was surprised to see the scale of the proposal. “The borough council is opposed to it and I’m opposed to the prospect of developing the site. The racecourse is part of our culture in the borough and is a great asset and something we are very proud of.

“It’s a very aggressive plan and I am opposed to the development.”

He said there were other sites that could be looked at to provide the borough’s housing need.

Spelthorne needs to find 15,140 new dwellings by 2033 and had launched a ‘call for sites’ consultation.

“There are plenty of sites in the borough that could be developed, other areas, other sites,” he added.


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