Staines South Ward

The Conservative candidates for the Staines South Ward in the May 2019 local election are:

Steve Burkmar:  As councillor for Staines South over the last four years I've assisted residents with various planning issues, not least the Staines Park stance against a new leisure centre being built within its boundaries.......Read more

Dr Sabine Capes (Lohmann) started her career in 1995 working in Corporate Market and Customer Research in Germany and the UK. Having become an expert in reading market trends and understanding consumer behaviour Sabine started her own consultancy in 2010.... Read more

Richard Smith has lived in Spelthorne for over six years. He has three lovely children aged 2, 4 and 11. 
His partner has worked in Ashford for over ten years and she has had family in the borough ......Read more

Unfortunately none of the above candidates were re-elected in the 2 May 2019 local election


See the attached files below for more information about their activities.


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InTouch Spring 2019 1.11 MB