Sabine Capes

Dr Sabine Capes (Lohmann):  started her career in 1995 working in Corporate Market and Customer Research in Germany and the UK. Having become an expert in reading market trends and understanding consumer behaviour Sabine started her own consultancy in 2010. During this time Sabine was elected as the Chairman of the Spelthorne Business Forum (SBF), a responsibility she carried for nearly three years. Working with the SBF allowed Sabine to interact with a diverse group of companies and charities helping her understand difficulties and highlights they face on a regular basis.

Sabine has extensive experience in new product development and marketing strategies and she is also frequently called upon for her retail insights to involve her skills in reviving our High Streets or Town Centres.

Sabine is committed to helping her community in Staines South and the Borough of Spelthorne. Should she be elected as your Councillor, Sabine will passionately support the Staines South community.

Contact details:

Tel: 07711 934331


Sabine was elected as a Conservative Councillor for the  Staines South Ward in May 2015


Very merry meals on wheels

Cllr Maureen Attewell and thirteen fellow councillors* have joined together to donate £2050 from their Better Neighbourhood Grants to fund a selection of gifts which will be given to Meals on Wheels customers in the run up to Christmas and on Christmas Day itself. Spelthorne Borough Council 22/12/2016