Richard Barratt

Richard has lived and worked locally all his life. A family man with a wife and 3 sons. Richard works at Heathrow as a contract project manager, and has considerable experience working in the engineering and service industries.

Like many local residents he supports Heathrow and the economic benefits it brings, but is concerned about its impact on the quality of life for Ashford residents.

He is very conscious about local issues and his priority is to keep Ashford safe and tidy.

Richard has been a councillor representing Stanwell for 4 years, and that time he has served on planning, O&S, and licencing. During the time he has secured funds for several community projects in Stanwell. However, as an Ashford resident I look forward to delivering the same results for my own neighbourhood.

Tel: 07483 104850


Richard was elected as a Conservative Councillor in 2015.

He is standing as a Conservative Candidate for the Ashford Common ward in the May 2019 local election


Very merry meals on wheels

Cllr Maureen Attewell and thirteen fellow councillors* have joined together to donate £2050 from their Better Neighbourhood Grants to fund a selection of gifts which will be given to Meals on Wheels customers in the run up to Christmas and on Christmas Day itself. Spelthorne Borough Council 22/12/2016