Lorry ban in Ashford

Lorry ban in the Feltham Road and Clockhouse Lane area of Ashford

Spelthorne Conservative Association AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the Spelthorne Conservative Association was held on Friday 15 March 2013 in the Shepperton Village Hall, Shepperton.

Fighting off Gravel Extraction in Staines

County Councillor Denise Turner is strongly opposed to any further gravel extraction in Staines South, Ashford West. Having objectioned strongly to the original Hengrove Park, Ashford is planning application, approved two years ago and the recently approved extension, Denise will fight the proposal to extract gravel from Manor Farm, Laleham.

Improving Laleham and Shepperton

Richard Walsh says “thank you for giving me the opportunity over the last four years to work with local residents in maintaining and improving our villages of Laleham and Shepperton.”