Why vote leave

I’ve just written a book called “Why Vote Leave”. It sets out, you know, why we should vote to leave.

I wish I had £9.3 million of taxpayers’ money to send it to every household but, sadly, I have no such resources.

It is, however, available on paper, as an e-book and as an audiobook (narrated by the author). You can purchase it in bookshops or online at:


Here are some of the reviews:

“Confused about the EU referendum? In the dark about which way to vote? Daniel Hannan’s invaluable vade mecum will illuminate the whole question, showing why voting to leave is a leap back into the light.”

Boris Johnson

“This powerful, intelligent, hard-hitting, well-written and (considering the subject matter) mercifully short book is absolutely required reading for every Briton who is considering voting on 23 June, whichever side they presently think they support.”

Andrew Roberts

“Before voting in this historic referendum you should read this brilliant book. If you've decided to vote Leave this will enthuse you, if you're not yet sure, it will convince you.”

Michael Gove

“A ‘must read’ for anyone who is surprised that so many of us now want to leave the EU.”

David Owen

“I defy anyone who is undecided on the EU to read this book and not be a convinced Leaver. The case against EU membership is not Left-wing or Right-wing: it's democratic. Daniel Hannan shows how bright the UK's future will be once we leave behind the corporatist racket in Brussels.”

Kate Hoey 

“The perfect book for someone who wants to hear a calm, clear set of reasons for leaving the EU”

Baroness Jones (Green peer)

“When it comes to the EU Dan Hannan has forgotten more than most people ever knew. He knows it from the inside, deep inside. He knows the venality, the incompetence, the bloated budgets and salaries, the many failures cynically covered up. He knows the staggering sums dragged from the pockets of the British taxpayer and the miserable return we get from them. The Brussels-worshipping brigade would be very wise not even to try to contest the points he makes in this book. For the rest of us it's an eye-opener.” 

Frederick Forsyth.

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