Streets lights in Spelthorne

Update on night lighting in Spelthorne

Street lighting is the responsibility of the County Council. In October 2016 the County Council's Cabinet approved a decision to implement part-night lighting across Surrey. This was rolled out in Spelthorne in March 2017.

Due to concerns raised by residents, a high proportion of whom are shift workers, an agreement was made in principle between the Leaders of Spelthorne Borough Council and Surrey County Council to reinstate the lights in Spelthorne for an initial period of five years, on the understanding that the Borough Council would find the necessary funding.

Spelthorne Council was hopeful that this could be implemented quickly. However the decision was made by the County Council's Cabinet and any amendment must be referred back to that decision-making body. We have been assured that this will be on the agenda for 30 May 2017. If approved a date for the lights to be switched back on will be available after this meeting.

Further information on the consultation and decision is here:

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