Staying safe in taxis

Spelthorne Borough Council issued a warning that it is important to make sure the driver and vehicle of your taxi are licensed and to take sensible precautions

Travelling by taxi is generally very safe, but it is important to make sure the driver and vehicle are licensed and to take sensible precautions. Using an unlicensed vehicle means that the driver will not be insured if you have an accident and you run the risk of being cheated, assaulted or worse.

All taxis and private hire vehicles (also called minicabs) must be licensed. Licensed drivers have passed tests and criminal background checks and their vehicles checked to make sure they are safe and fit for purpose.

Tips for staying safe:

  • check the vehicle has a licence plate and that the driver has an identification badge with their photograph on it
  • when a pre-booked car pulls up, don't give your name to the driver - ask them who they are collecting
  • carry your mobile phone in your hand, so it is easily accessible
  • if you are at all suspicious, don't get in and make a note of the number plate

Councillor Robin Sider, Chairman of the Licensing Committee, said: "We are urging people who are planning a night out over the festive season to think ahead about travel arrangements and always use a licensed taxi or minicab. Getting into an unlicensed taxi can be very dangerous."

If you have any information about unlicensed taxis report it .....


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