Spelthorne Street Lights to be switched back on!

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        Cllr Ian Harvey

        Leader, Spelthorne Conservative Group

        Leader, Spelthorne Borough Council


04 April 2017

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Spelthorne Street Lights to be switched back on!


Street lights in Spelthorne; recently switched off between midnight and 5am as a cost saving measure by Surrey County Council will now be switched back on!  Cllr Ian Harvey Conservative Leader of Spelthorne Council brokered the deal with Cllr David Hodge, Conservative Leader of Surrey CC.

Cllr Harvey said “I am delighted that we have been able to reach this agreement which will especially benefit shift workers and residents out in the early hours. We have been able to fund this initiative as a result of our investment strategies implemented by our forward thinking Conservative run Spelthorne Council.”


Cllr Ian Harvey, Conservative Group Leader of Spelthorne Borough Council 

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