Spelthorne Junior Citizen

Spelthorne Junior Citizen event ran from 11-26 September at Walton Fire Station

The Spelthorne Junior Citizen event which ran for two weeks from 11-26 September at Walton Fire Station has ended with visits from the Mayor of Spelthorne.

During the two weeks of operation, over 1,000 Year 6 pupils from 20 Spelthorne primary schools attended the one-day event which is designed to help children stay safe and learn important life skills.

As part of the event children took part in interactive workshops which taught them about staying safe and being good citizens. Topics covered included first aid, stranger danger, fire and water safety and contacting the emergency services.

Cllr Nick Gething, Cabinet Member for Community Safety, said: "Junior Citizen provides an excellent way of equipping young people with the knowledge and confidence they need to deal with potentially dangerous situations. The workshops have been specifically designed to get the information across in a way that is interesting and relevant to the children. We've had excellent feedback and the children have had a lot of fun."

Junior Citizen has been running for over ten years and is organised by Spelthorne Borough Council with support from the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner, Surrey Fire and Rescue, Surrey Police, RNLI, Blue Cross Dogs Charity and St John Ambulance.


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