Shepperton Studios to consult on expansion plans

Shepperton Studios to consult on expansion plans

Shepperton Studios will be seeking pre-application discussions with Spelthorne's planning officers for proposals to develop and extend their site.

The proposals will be to partially redevelop the existing Shepperton Studios site, provide new buildings (to include sound stages, offices, workshops), back lot(s), car parking and servicing on the existing site and on land to the north-west and south of the River Ash corridor. 

They have sent out letters to the local community with further details of the public consultation. Local Residents Associations / interest groups will also receive correspondence.

Cllr Ian Harvey, Leader of Spelthorne Borough Council, said: "Our Council has been a strong supporter of Shepperton Studios because of its historical, cultural, economic and employment significance in the Borough. We welcome the fact that they are consulting widely at an early stage about their expansion plans and we look forward to seeing further details. I encourage residents to take the opportunity to attend the workshop sessions to find out more and make their views known".

A planning application is expected in due course.

The Studios will be undertaking public consultations on their proposals. Visit be kept up-to-date on the plans and consultation dates.


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