Richard Ashworth MEP: Brussels Update

Richard Ashworth MEP
Brussels UpdateDear Colleagues,
We are now 3 weeks into referendum campaign but less than 1 week from the local elections on May 5th. Our local elections should not be overshadowed by Britain’s referendum on EU membership. Local democracy is a vital backbone of the UK and we should support these elections by turning out to vote next Thursday.

April was a historic month for the European Parliament: it voted to approve the Passenger Name Records report. This is an essential tool to fighting crime and terrorism and for keeping our citizens safe. If you want to learn more, please read this month’s article. Included in this newsletter are April news stories and a myth-buster on UK and global trade too.

All the best,

Richard Ashworth


April News



EU students at universities in the South East of England generate £420m for the region’s economy and directly support 4,021 jobs. Richard Ashworth MEP welcomed the findings as an 'important reminder of the positive impact EU students have on our economy in the South East.'Read more here

Conservative Agriculture spokesman welcomed the European Parliament backing of the renewal of glyphosate, the active substance in 'Round-Up.' It marked a victory for science-based policymaking and is of great importance to farming communities as well as the millions of keen gardeners across the South East region.

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Richard Ashworth MEP called upon the European Commission to facilitate the creation of a more competitive and resilient agricultural industry to address the crisis affecting farmers across Europe. The industry needs to become 'more productive, more competitive and more sustainable.'

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Richard Ashworth MEP speaking at the European Dairy Association Annual Conference. This year's theme was sustainable dairy.


Five South East SMEs have been awarded €50,000 each from the EU's SME Instrument to finance feasibility studies for new innovative products. UK SMEs were the most successful in the EU - receiving €1.8million - and the South East was the UK's second most successful region.

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British led proposals calling for an increased role for national parliaments in EU law making were supported by the European Parliament. Richard Ashworth MEP  welcomed the vote: “National parliaments offer extensive expertise and knowledge therefore the Commission should collaborate more closely with them.”

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Fighting Terrorism.


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Myth-busting UK trade with the world.

The EU accounts for 44% and 53% of UK exports and imports. It is the single most important trading partner for the UK.  Read more here 

"Refused to sign off EU accounts"
The Court of Auditors do sign off the EU accounts on an annual basis.

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Global travel brings countless opportunities for consumers but also as many prospects for those who wish to do us harm. The EU Passenger Name Records legislation will help protect us from terrorist activity. It is no longer enough to solve crimes, we must prevent them from happening in the first place. Collecting, sharing and analysing PNR data will aid our intelligence agencies in the fight against terrorism. It will make Britain a safer place.




"Brussels Bureaucrats"
Myth-buster on the democratic legitimacy of the European Union.

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