Richard Ashworth MEP Brussels Update

Dear Colleagues,

We now know the referendum date. June 23rd 2016 will be the day that British citizens decide Britain’s relationship with the European Union. The campaigns have begun and now it’s up to you to decide.


The Prime Minister has secured a historic reform deal which paves the way for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union as promised in the Conservative’s 2015 manifesto.


This month’s report will examine the renegotiation deal and I will also discuss my position in the upcoming referendum. There are also news stories for February and a myth-buster on the EU's democratic legitimacy.


Richard Ashworth


February News



New measures to guarantee customers receive the same level of consumer protection wherever in the EU they buy insurance have come into force. Richard Ashworth MEP said 'this will enhance consumer protection and increase competition.'

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An Oxford SME will receive £2.6m from the EU for developing tools to diagnose chronic liver disease. British SMEs will receive the most funding from the EU SME Instrument - totalling £7.6million.

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British employers will no longer have to post job adverts in European-wide jobsite, EURES. Richard Ashworth MEP said: “It makes sense that people in Britain should get the first opportunity to secure British jobs.”

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Conservative spokesman for Agriculture, Richard Ashworth MEP speaking at the NFU Conference in Birmingham.


Britain is stronger in a reformed European Union.

The Prime Minister has secured a new settlement to give the United Kingdom special status in the EU.

I support the Prime Minister’s reform deal and Britain will be stronger, safer and better off remaining a member of the European Union.

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"Brussels Bureaucrats" Myth-buster.


European laws are not made by unelected bureaucrats nor do most of our laws come from Brussels. This article seeks to dispel some of the myths about the European Union's democratic legitimacy... 

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