Spelthorne Conservatives suspend five councillors

John Boughtflower elected Conservative Leader on 8th June


Following the election of Cllr John Boughtflower as Leader of the Spelthorne Group of Conservative Cllrs on Monday 8th June, it was disappointing, but not unexpected, that former Conservative leader, Cllr Ian Harvey, quit the Conservative Party on Tuesday 9th June! Bizarrely, Cllr Harvey has hurriedly formed, and now leads, his own political party in Spelthorne.

Five other councillors - all elected as Conservatives in May 2019 – are supposedly supporting this new party. These five - Cllrs Helen Harvey, Rybinski, Sexton, Amar and Smith-Ainsley - were yesterday suspended by the Spelthorne Conservative Association, a move which may lead to their expulsion from the Conservative Party.

A spokesman for the Spelthorne Conservative Association said, “These six councillors stood as Conservative candidates in last May’s election and were elected as Conservatives. As they have switched to a new political party they should resign, stand for re-election, and let their electors decide who they want representing them. To refuse would be dishonourable and a slap in the face for residents.

We are sure all mainstream political parties who were legitimately elected to serve on Spelthorne Council, along with residents, will share this view. Until such time as they stand and fight a by-election under their new colours, they have no electoral legitimacy nor right to speak for residents. We look forward to fighting and winning all six by-elections.” 


All press enquiries to:

 Mike Brennan, Chairman Spelthorne Conservative Association (07745 129447)