Parking survey for Ashford Town

Spelthorne has commissioned a parking survey to assess parking within Ashford Town Centre and surrounding roads.

Set to take place in the next few weeks, the survey will look at the current pressure on car parking spaces and take into account commuter parking, needs arising from development in and around the town centre, and the retail environment.

The survey will include speaking to residents, businesses and retailers and, once completed, survey reports will look to:

  • summarise the current situation in terms of car parking provision Monday to Saturday
  • provide potential solutions to increase on-street parking along Church Road
  • See whether there is a need to use further parking controls and associated enforcement
  • Consider the impact of developments including the current Brooklands Development

The results will be used to inform the Council's thinking on how best to comprehensively respond to parking issues raised by local residents both now and into the future.

A further survey will be conducted to measure the impact of any changes that are introduced to address issues that are identified.

Cllr Nick Gething, Cabinet Member for Environment and Compliance, said: "It is important to look at the issue of parking in Ashford Town Centre in light of concerns raised about commuters parking in residential streets and the town itself, making it harder for those who want to use their cars to visit the variety of shops in the town. We also need to carefully examine the impact of planned and potential developments and make sure that there is adequate enforcement of controls."

The scope of the survey will include the privately owned and run car park behind Ashford Antiques Centre. Outside the scope is the alleged poor practices of the car park operator there. Although the Council is sympathetic to residents' concerns about the way it is run and held a meeting in March 2017 to highlight the problems, we have no say in its operation and no basis to enforce because parking on private land is not regulated.


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