Labour disrespect our National Anthem and traditions

A letter to the editor of the Surrey Advertiser and published 6/11/2015

Dear Sir,

It is poignant that on the day (Friday 30 Oct) the Surrey Advertiser reported that Spelthorne Conservative councillors had successfully proposed the singing of the National Anthem at council meetings I was again visiting the Normandy beaches with my two young sons. It was here that our brave servicemen risked - and lost - their lives so we can enjoy our many freedoms. No matter how abhorrent the views of some Spelthorne Labour Party officers may be we should defend their right to free speech. Yet as I stood at Pegasus Bridge and later laid poppies with my sons at Sword Beach in memory of a family friend, part of me was angry at the flippant and cavalier way some Spelthorne Labour officers feel they can disrespect our National Anthem and traditions. 

Sadly Spelthorne Labour Party has not condemned the disgraceful comments of its constituency officers Pamela Osborn and Harold Trace. Similarly Spelthorne's most senior elected Labour politician - Stanwell County Councillor Robert Evans - has refused to condemn Miss Osborn's comments despite opportunities and a written request to do so. 

It is time Spelthorne Labour Party and its two councillors made their position clear on this matter. Either they support what was said by their Labour colleagues or they don't.

Spelthorne Labour should show they find this behaviour unacceptable by dismissing Trace and Osborn from their party positions. Labour County Councillor for Stanwell and Weybridge resident Robert Evans needs to show leadership and get a grip of his local Labour party. If he does not the electors of Stanwell will surely show their disgust at the next County Council elections and instead elect a more local candidate who is in tune with their values and beliefs. 

Our D-Day heroes showed great courage, leadership and a belief in British values. It's time Stanwell Councillor Robert Evans and the Spelthorne Labour Party did the same.


Mike Brennan

Chairman, Spelthorne Conservative Party

Cherry Orchard, Staines