Enough is enough


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This is a serious time for our country. And we need a strong, united Government that will deliver on the things that matter to people.

This week Labour have proven they can’t deliver and have shown just how out of touch, chaotic and incompetent they are.

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Five Days of Labour Chaos

On Monday, Labour said Jeremy Corbyn would give a speech in favour of controlling immigration.

On Tuesday, the Labour leader U-turned, saying that Labour will not take control over immigration; then told millions of strike-affected commuters he would stand with his union paymasters on the picket lines rather than stand up for them.

On Wednesday, Labour’s former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith told Corbyn’s team to get your a***s in gear and stop embarrassing our party.”

On Thursday, Labour suggested that NATO should stop protecting Estonia from Russian aggression.

And today, Tristram Hunt - Labour MP and former shadow Education Secretary - announced he will quit Parliament.

The British people need a party who will speak for the ordinary working people of Britain and build a country that works for everyone. Labour can’t do it. Only the Conservatives will.

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