Enough is enough

Dear Supporter,

This is a serious time for our country. And we need a strong, united Government that will deliver on the things that matter to people.

This week Labour have proven they can’t deliver and have shown just how out of touch, chaotic and incompetent they are.

Is the “UK Settlement” an EU Fresh Start?

Statement from supporters of the Fresh Start Project.It is widely accepted that the EU requires fundamental reform. Such reform is necessary, not only to realign the EU project with UK interests and public opinion, but also to show that it can adapt to new times and work better for Europe as a whole.This is why we initiated the Fresh Start Project in 2011.

Stanwell improvements wrecked by Labour Councillors neglect!

"Labour Disgrace" say local Conservatives.  Stanwell improvements wrecked by Labour Councillors neglect!Labour County Councillor Robert Evans has thrown away the chance to spend over £11,000 on much needed local projects and improvements for Stanwell.   

London no longer needs to be tied to a stagnating EU

Kwasi Kwarteng: London no longer needs to be tied to a stagnating EUThe capital’s financial credentials and its international status would ensure its prosperity regardless of EuropeEvening Standard 5/8/2013