Halliford and Sunbury West Ward


The Conservative candidates for the Halliford and Sunbury West Ward in the May 2019 local election are:

Anthony Jones: Our wedding in May 1964 coincided with the completion of our first house in Shepperton. We moved to Upper Halliford in 1974. I am a Chartered Aeronautical Engineer and my wife worked for British Airways..... Read more

Anna Nowicka was born and raised in London where she studied Law before moving to mainland Europe for several years. She has been a supporter of the Conservative Party since her University days....Read more

Buddhi Weerasinghe: Before moving to Halliford last year, Buddhi was a hardworking community activist and a prominent local campaigner in Twickenham. He initiated a project to establish a trade association to help local business community & residents in Heathfield-Twickenham. Buddhi is a big supporter of local businesses....Read more

Unfortuneately none were elected in the 2 May 2019 local election


See the attached files below for more information about their activities.


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