Elections 2019

On 23rd May 2019 an election will be held for the European Parliament. 

The Conservative Candidates for the South East region (of which Spelthorne is a part) are:

  • Daniel Hannan
  • Nirj Deva
  • Richard Robinson
  • Michael Whiting
  • Juliette Ash
  • Anna Firth
  • Adrian Pepper
  • Clarence Mitchell
  • Neva Sadikoglu-Novaky
  • Caroline Newton

On 2nd May 2019 an election were held for the 39 seats on Spelthorne Borough Council.

The links below are to the ward page and individual candidates pages

Ashford Common ward
            Clare Barratt - Elected
            Richard Barratt - Elected
            Robert Noble - Elected

Ashford East ward
            John Boughtflower - Elected
            Rose Chandler - Elected
            Tony Mitchell - Elected

Ashford North and Stanwell South ward
            Amar Brar - Elected
            Satvinder Buttar  - Elected
            Joanne Sexton - Elected

Ashford Town ward
            Nick Gething - Elected
            Naz Islam - Elected
            Olivia Rybinski - Elected

Halliford and Sunbury West ward
            Anna Nowicka - unsuccessful
            Anthony Jones - unsuccessful
            Buddhi Weerasinghe - unsuccessful

Laleham and Shepperton Green ward
            Maureen Attewell - Elected
            Mary Madams - Elected
            Richard Smith-Ainsley - Elected

Riverside and Laleham ward
            Michele Gibson - Elected
            Tony Harman - Elected
            Howard Williams - unsuccessful

Shepperton Town ward
            Colin Barnard - Elected
            Vivienne Leighton - Elected
            Robin Sider - Elected

Staines ward
            Mark Francis - unsuccessful
            Sinead Mooney - unsuccessful
            Jean Pinkerton - unsuccessful

Staines South ward
            Steve Burkmar - unsuccessful
            Sabine Capes - unsuccessful
            Richard Smith - unsuccessful

Stanwell North ward
            Jekaterina Barratt - unsuccessful
            Joshua Jogo - unsuccessful
            James McIlroy - Elected

Sunbury Common ward
            Alison Griffiths - unsuccessful
            Niki Molnar - unsuccessful
            Alex Sapunovas - unsuccessful

Sunbury East
            Helen Harvey - Elected
            Ian Harvey - Elected
            Daxa Patel - unsuccessful


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